''Situation ship''

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Aug 22, 2021 Published

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The dating culture has evolved and changed over the years. From a dependable social system of stages which may involve “hooking up,” that would progress into courting, until it reaches compliance of “going steady”, to “exclusively dating” and officially turning into a couple. Things have been changing though, relationships are now becoming more and more ambiguous as years go by, and yet the fact of the matter is; that today’s dating culture is rapidly turning into a “hook-up” culture, leaving couples in a “no label” zone.

Commitment seems to have become pretty much of a nuisance; that is more or less dreaded by many of today’s generation bringing about the popularity of casual laid-back dating without labels, that may pertain to some sort of exclusivity. It does seem quite simple and appealing, a “no strings attached” scenario, with little to no responsibilities and no over-the-top relationship cheesiness, it’s like getting the perks of a relationship without actually having to be in one. Realistically though, “label-less relationships” come with a lot more baggage than what is expected, which people have eventually turned out to realize. It’s those moments when you like someone and want to be with that certain person, yet confusion looms and could jeopardize the status of a future or existing relationship.

Credit to the owner

On a personal note. - Believe me when I say I’ve been there. This confusing and mind-boggling so-called “relationship” is what I regard as a “situation ship,” a relationship with no labels. It has all the attributes of a real relationship without even being established as one, as some people choose a non-committed relationship for various reasons, an example could be, that you’ve just ended a long-term relationship and aren’t ready for a new one, or you’re too busy furthering your career and don’t have time for a committed relationship, it turns some people may choose not to place any labels because they're afraid of being tied down too quickly, or in a place where they feel trapped, however, one should understand that you maintain full autonomy of yourself in every relationship you're in, and you are the one who is responsible for communicating what you need, what you want, and what you don't want. So, if you feel you're at a place where you cannot (or don't want) to date one person exclusively, the responsible and the right thing to do is to let that person know, giving them the option to decide if that “situation ship” would work for them.

Labeling your relationship does not necessarily mean you're in a committed affair, nor does saying “I don't do labels” absolve you from getting into a conversation about commitment with your significant other, as communication is vital; a conversation has to ensure to make things as crystal clear as can be, that would benefit you and your partner. But if your significant other pressures you into a non-committed relationship, even if it’s not something you want, don’t expect a non-commitment situation to change soon. If you’re unclear about the situation you are in, it’s best to clarify the nature of the accord, especially if you like this certain person you’re with and would want to progress into moving toward a committed relationship. It may be daunting to realize that you’re fighting a very difficult battle, and it may be best for your mental and emotional faculties’ sake to accept things as they are and to make do with what you have without hopes to change them. If you’re unhappy with this scenario, it’s best to talk about what you want and see if they’re on board, and if they are not, it might be best to end things before things get messy and complicated.

Here are some insights into what you may need before deciding to explore the possibility of entering an open label-free relationship.

A love that grows with the assurance and safety of a label. Where you can sleep peacefully at night and feel loved, safe, and secure, knowing that you are an important part of someone, feeling the uplifting joy that comes from the fact that someone special wants you, and realizing that the first thing you’ll do in the morning; is to give love that is declared and acknowledged.

that aren’t tangible but make your mind sane. Words that remind you of your worth. Words that authorize your heart to feel sad when you’re ignored, to feel jealous, to feel broken, yet on the other side of things will make you happy, and proud. You deserve a clear and sincere agreement eventually becoming someone’s home, as a home is where the heart is. Just make sure the person you are choosing is choosing you too.

Where you can enjoy long conversations and a connection to that degree where even silence brings you ease and pleasure. There will be no room for fear and uncertainty. There will be no second thoughts and what-ifs. You know where you stand, you know where you’re going, and if ever you get lost, that string attached will guide you back to where you belong. If someone treats you like an option, make yourself a priority and let them go.