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bylove 可爱的信仰

Aug 16, 2021 Published

The virtual world is now a common ritual as your morning coffee, and has become the melting pot for most people of different stature and culture around the globe. It has surely made things easier for people to interact and coincide amongst groups of liked minded individuals, or people with common interests and/or goals. 

Such is the case of the dating culture. The world as we know it is changing more rapidly than any historic event in society, and the dreaded Covid-19 pandemic that have loomed over us, and have placed mostly the entire world in lockdown, it made instant hermits of introvert home bodies and outdoorsy extrovert individuals alike, and arguably would entail that you now have to work doubly hard to get that desired human interaction. But how does a person motivate oneself into scouring a suitable romantic prospect? When in fact the division is as vast as the ocean itself. How can a single individual find that viable connection in the multifaceted digital world? It is quite daunting when placed under these circumstances.  

Has dating changed forever as we know it? 

Most would argue that dating has become as instant as fast food, all that one has to do is swipe right and you might have a probable match. Though is it really that instant? Is finding a probable match from the various choices of millions of subscribers to a particular phone app could likely secure you a well fit subject for a date? Maybe so, yet like anything in the world, there are the pros and cons into the world of “fast food dating.” So if you’re intrigued and looking into finding a date in the pandemic, then swipe right and read on. 

  • The internet is your friend. Some of the older generation has looked down and frowned upon the later generation, and has been labelled by such as being a culture of snowflakes, too emotional, and entitled, such as the claim and the cause of being to glued in their smart phones or their computers. Yet this new generation has sprouted the most number of millionaires and billionaires to date, having been able to cope and utilize this valuable asset known as the internet, and using social media as the foremost instrument for marketing a company or oneself as a viable commodity. And in regards of dating, the utilization of the internet has made it a global experience, wherein you can customize your search zone to spread as far and wide as you desire. With this mind-set, we can put a nail into the notion that the internet has made things easier than before. Imagine a world without it, you would need to send actual hand written letters and sending them via snail mail to whatever city or country your pen pal might be in, communication back then took months even years to hear a reply. Today all you need to do is to swipe right and wait for a message. Rejoice, we are living in a magical world, and have given you the means to find yourself a suitable mate, especially in these depressing times. So go ahead, make that profile picture you’ve always wanted to take, and post it. Just please don’t make up false information about yourself, stay true and honest, that is the best way to find a proper date. Good luck and swipe away! 

  • A knowledgeable mind is sexy. Unless you are a gifted super witty natural comedian, in which you can hold an interesting chat or an online conversation for hours, then maybe it’s time to spruce up on your trivia and knowledge, which is by far an easier talent to hone than trying too hard to be funny. And sure; with knowledge comes some personality also to boot, and maybe your comedic chops are not as far from attaining as you thought possible. In these times of isolation, pandemic dating has now become the norms, with little to absolutely zero direct physical contact. Most of your dating skills would have to heavily rely on your wit and personality. And if you are so insightful in knowing what you may lack these certain “skills,” fret not, the easiest and sure fire way to garner some interesting personal plus points is definitely to have a good amount of knowledge in your arsenal. Remember that intelligence for some is the ultimate aphrodisiac. So grab those books you’ve left gathering dust and try to learn something new as often as possible. Well, if you are reading this article now, you’re more or less on the right path. 

  • Creativity is key. Having no place to really go to for a physical date, one could only imagine how hard dating is in these critical times, since mostly all public establishments has been shut down or in a long hiatus due to the pandemic. (specifically in Manila)  It’s time to bring out that thinking cap of yours and dig deep in your brain’s occipital lobe and crank that cranium for the best ideas you can think of, cause in a lock down situation, creativity could be your best bet, into turning a somewhat menial online video call into a more exciting and stimulating online dating experience. Try using pictures. As more and more video call apps are being utilized with a share screen option, try to collect interesting images of unique and exciting places, restaurants, movie theatres (remember those?)  And visually create a narrative, a story board, in which you and your date can go by just using visual stimulation and a lot of imagination. Remember the FIRST IDEA on this list? Knowledge would be greatly beneficial at this point, where you have the trivial know-how to make a decent collection of your visual video date. At this point the sky is the limit, and you are the story teller. Enjoy!