When to let go...

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Aug 01, 2021 Published

When to let go.

 Is it the right time to let go of this relationship?

Is a question a lot of us struggle to answer, and a lot of us miserably fail to understand, that when a relationship ends is when one has a chance to write a new chapter in their lives. In most cases ending a relationship could be deadly difficult, outright painful and doubly hard. But how does one find out when is the right time to call it quits? In that regard is there a right time to this predicament? Well… yes and no. Yes, because if you believe in a central universal law, in which all and everything will end, or Murphy's Law, that is an adage or epigram that is typically stated as: "Anything that can go wrong will go wrong". Then maybe it should be to no one’s surprise that this is an absolute inevitability. It will end soon enough, if not until death takes us all. So we beg that oh so difficult question… when do we know it’s the right time for our romantic relationship to end? And here is the counter point to the “yes” answer above. No, we will to no reason have an idea that it should end. Let me explain it further. When you make a decision to end things with your special someone, there are levels to it, and after that hard choice of action to let go, one can have regrets that can eat you in your very soul. Well… in a case to case basis that is, if your partner is some kind of extreme narcissist or even a psychopath, and by all means celebrate the fact that it is over, go party! But, if the relationship is that of a good and loving one, then, be ready for some hurt along the way as time goes by, which we all know at this point is the ultimate cure for most heart aches.  

We end things because we are not happy, we are not heard, we have been neglected, cheated on, physically abused, or for whatever obvious reason to it, that is as clear as glass. It only gets hard when the end does not have that obvious reason, when it is a problem of an unforeseen dilemma. When the love and care is there and no such abuse is present, yet we feel that we should pull the plug. And that is where the “after hurt” can happen. When clearly you love that person, despite the fact of the lack of happiness, when a few months after your break up, you can’t help the feeling of missing her/him. And you once again you question your judgment. Was I right? What if I made a mistake? What if we are meant to be together? In the universal law of life… only time can tell.  

But in any relationship it is not as simple as black and white, the grey matter often matters for the most part. So when it comes to gauging the pros and cons to a relationship, it’s best to find a middle ground to it all, in doing so would give you the proverbial point of balance, there you can have a list of some kind, jotting down the good and bad of your relationship, a should I stay or should I go self-contest, and the price, is peace of mind and happiness… well, for the most part.

Relationships are tricky, it definitely is a slippery slope to say the least, and yet we often find ourselves caught in between things concerning letting go or continuing on with that special someone. That grey scale of any relationship would almost always ensue confusion, fear, and sometimes regret. All in all, a sure fire way to more or less know what to choose in the ever so difficult task of letting go or staying, especially in a relationship that has the bad and the good mixed in well like a pineapple and orange fruit shake, is that you have to dig deep and hard to the very depths of your soul, open your own heart and ask yourself… are you happy? Although this sounds a lot easier than it looks, but it can be attained, a knowing thyself phenomenon that encompasses everything and anything that makes you complete, or at the very least; the feeling of completeness, balled into one that’s on the lookout, trying hard to ultimately just make you happy. It is all about self-awareness and yourself outside looking in. And once you are finally sure, pull that trigger and end things, but remember ending things is just the beginning, and like a computer that needs reformatting to clean all the left over files of the last person, is pretty much what you will be trying to do physically and mentally, and when all is cleaned up and ready to go, then it’s time to write that next chapter of your life.