Get a hobby and be happy

bylove 可爱的信仰

Aug 05, 2021 Published

Make your hobbies, happier and healthier...

 You have a good job you actually like. You have a good romantic

partner that understands, respects and loves you. You made up

arguments with some family members and fixed some family squabbles.

Everything seems to be going well, and you actually have moments to

breath, relax, and even have enough time to just bum around, and you

find yourself binge watching Netflix or HBO max, you scour YouTube, or do some outdoor

activities such as; playing Airsoft together, or try some little adventure like all-terrain vehicle

(ATV) together with your friends and love ones.

like you have all the time in the world, and eventually things become

a bit sour, you realize that your life; as smooth going as it seems

lacks something, maybe you need a passion project that can occupy your

lag time, an after work- work thing to do that excites you. Maybe it’s

time to have a hobby.

A hobby is something to pass the time, something that gives you some

sort of fulfilment especially for the completionists amongst us.

Having a hobby could look childish to some people, it could also be

regarded as a waste of time, but a hobby could have great benefits in

your well- being, mental health and overall happiness.

Finding the right hobby though is another thing all together, as some

people could just enter into anything and call it a hobby, but a hobby

could be more than that, as it could give you optimal results that

would have a total positive output in your life. A hobby that

correlates with your very nature, and in some cases even give you some

monetary earnings that could even expand into a full blown career.

Now that would be a dream come true.

There is a famous saying – Find something you love to do and you will

never work in your life again. That is a philosophy that some of us

have failed in realizing its potential, the possibility of “living the

dream.” Maybe it’s aiming too high? Are we shooting for the stars and

hoping to hit the moon? A hobby in retrospect can or might be able to

give you that fulfilment, without even trying to hit any cosmological

heavenly body. Your dream job could very well be your hobby.

Now going back to finding the right one. Well, this could be a matter

of knowing thyself first. Realizing what you are good at and applying

it practically, and once you have hashed it out, it is time to go and

try it, which is more or less a good way to test it if it fits you

like a well-worn old sneaker, in other words, find something you are

totally comfortable with, and you will surely be good at it.

A hobby that fits your personality plays a big role in the overall

enjoyment of the endeavour. If you like the outdoors for example, maybe

wood carving is for you, if you are into music, there is vinyl

collecting which is all the rage nowadays. (Upon writing this article)

It’s best to think and ponder about it before spending money on

something that might not fit you perfectly.

Some people are lucky enough to know exactly what they want, they know

what works and what doesn’t work for them. If you are part of the


latter, which means that it might take you sometime to figure out what

tickles your fancy in terms of hobbies, it might be best to ask

around, get into online forums or Facebook groups and see if you are a

fit in those communities, that could be a slow but sure way of knowing

what you want to undertake as a passion project. I; for example is

into vintage toy robots. It gives me great joy seeing my collection

every time I head home after work, it brings me back to those days

when I was growing up, those happy times in my life, when my only

problems are getting a new toy robot. When people ask me why I am

collecting these old toys, I just simply say that “I am not buying the

toy robots for the sake of having a toy, I am buying time back, a time

when I was young and happy.” This is one fine example of a hobby that

brought me to happiness, and as a bonus my collection of vintage toys

have now increased in value more than ten folds, meaning it is now a

lot more expensive due to the rarity and collectability of the pieces,

and in case of a financial emergency, my collection could fetch me a

hefty sum of money.

All in all, finding a hobby that truly reflects who you are, is

something that all of us could use in our daily lives. Remember that

the right hobby can bring you a lot of joy and pleasure, balancing

your work life and your play life effortlessly would truly be a

contentment, thus leading you to a long life of fulfilment and


Credit: Justin Zapata (Toy-gun Only)

Credit to the owner