⁕A Break-Up Guide⁕

bylove 可爱的信仰

Jul 25, 2021 Published


it’s over? Just like that? When you thought that it was oh so going so well things just snap, fall apart, like a thin branch dangling on a strong tree, it just falls down, just like that. When a relationship seems to be going well, and ultimate happiness is just around the corner, as if you can feel it radiating like a microwave oven, love just does what it does for thousands of years, it breaks, it ends and can leave even the strongest one of us emotionally scarred… for a long time, maybe even for life. Is there a way out of this misery? Is there a shortcut one take to get out of a preverbal emotional hole? Well… Not really, the bad news is, pain is pain, and it usually sticks to you like superglue, maybe for the rest of your life, people just learn to live with it, and live with it we do, all too well. Depressing? Yes, it is, but fret not, the upside to this God-awful feeling of emptiness has mental shortcuts, for getting you back to your good natured happy joyous self, in 5 rigorous yet effective practices. I present you…


🖤Do not, never ever, hide, keep, or disregard that you are in pain. Look at it this way, One day, your walking along your favorite road, it so happens it just rained, and you accidentally slipped and broke your wrist. It hurts, a lot, you go home, put some ice, mend it, take some pain killer. Well, emotional pain is a wound, it’s a bleeding heart, and quite literally it hurts, and not just, emotionally, but physically, it could sum up into a “Psychophysiological” experience. Modern studies have shown, that the brain releases the same impulses of a physical injury and an emotional one, it cannot distinguish the difference, on that note, treat your emotional pain like a wound, a cut, or even a fracture. Try to mend your broken heart by accepting things as it is. It’s bad, I’m sad, I’m broken. When you accept your hurt, only then true healing can start. Good luck.

🖤The no contact rule. Try as hard as you can, to keep away from your smart phone, stay if you must, away from Facebook, and Facebook messenger, Instagram, or whatever social media platform the both of you shared at a time. Stay away. Do not text, call, message, or even check his or her account. Only by accepting that things are truly over and done, and you have painstakingly psyched up yourself in that fact, your destination heading to your old happy self has finally begun. It will be hard, and painful, it will take as much psychological power you can muster, but you have to try not to have any contact. You can do it. It takes practice and discipline. Think of it like you’re on a strict diet, and contacting your ex will bring you back to square one, and you have to painfully start all over again. Think.

🖤Mind Matters. When you think of your ex, we can’t help but get emotional, and all the lonely sad feelings start to rush back in. What can you do? It happens, and we are only human, and loneliness gets the best of us, as thoughts of your ex flood your mind that would eventually overflow to your tear ducts, just like a Manila flood dam in Typhoon season. Again, that’s just being a human being, we can’t help it. The question remains… what can you do? Is there a proverbial off switch to your mind, that with a flick of a switch would render your brain not to think of Him or Her? Sadly, no. But what you can do is just allow it. Allow all the memories crashing in your cranial of misfortune, because that, my friend is also a way of acceptance, and eventually will lead to healing and happiness. You know the saying; “time heals a broken heart.” But in order for the wound to get better, it has to be exposed to some air, and allow Mother nature to do her job. Patience.

Photo by Fuu J on Unsplash