Pandemic Budget Dating

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Aug 22, 2021 Published


In an age of uncertainty, in which this pandemic has made a lot of people broke, out of work, and utterly depressed. How can the dating community ever survive? How can one go on a proper date amidst all the financial problems that are now commonplace in a Covid virus-stricken world? A proper guide is a must, and on that note we present you…

A Basic Guide to Pandemic budget dating:
- Do we need to eat in a fancy restaurant? In most cases, this is the normal approach, but is expensive food that good? As most of us know that dining in a restaurant is not that viable nowadays, so in that case, why even go to a fancy place wherein the choice is a heck of a lot cheaper. Instead of a fine dining experience why not try cooking in the comforts of your very own home, but if that option is not available for whatever reason, head to an open park-like University of the Philippines at the heart of Quezon City Diliman in Manila, there you can plan a picnic, it is more endearing and gets the both of you closer together. And if that is still not an available option, borrow a car from a friend if you do not have one yourself, and plan for a parking lot date, find a cool and dry place to just park and have an intimate experience wherein there are almost zero distractions. Suggested parking places are Antipolo City, Tagaytay City to name some.

- Do a Zoom date. In that case, any online group call app would be sufficient. In some areas where a lockdown or a general quarantine is still upheld by law, maybe it is time to consider an online date with that special someone. By using a share screen feature on the app, which in most cases is usually available and free. One can share a collection of endearing images to show in share screen mode where you can go and where you both can end up after the date virtually. The downside is that you have to have an ample supply of imagination to consider this option, albeit it may lack the oh so desire of human touch and presence… but hey, it’s free and perfectly safe. All you need is an adequate internet connection and some creativity and you’re all set for a fun and exciting virtual online dating experience.

- Exercise and Dating. If by any chance good weather is upon you and financial freedom still eludes you, maybe it’s time to plan for an exercise date. Invite your special person to accompany you for a jog, brisk walk, or just plain strolling along the bay area on a nice sunny day, preferably late in the day towards the sunset, would be a preferable scenario to have, and, both of you can get some much-needed vitamin D and good exercise. Science has explained the great benefits of a nice walk so why not use it on a date. Would be advisable as well to bring a cooler with cold water or juice or whatever you prefer, in your car if you have one, if not, do not fret since there are a lot of convince stores around, so find an area in which there is an ample supply of stores for snacks and drinks, right after or even between walks. Advisable places in Manila would be, Roxas Boulevard Manila Bay, SM Mall of Asia Manila, Quezon City Circle Park in Quezon City Manila.

- The Streets of love. Plan for a street food stroll date. When dressed appropriately, light casual with a good pair of sneakers, and the both of you can now experience the best street food around the City. All you need is to keep some change since street food is relatively cheap, from your classic fried fishballs, shrimp balls and the likes, fried tofu, barbequed chicken feet, intestines (isaw,) Tenga (pig ears,) and hot dogs… things can get pretty mouthwatering, but keep in mind that it may get greasy so it’s best to bring some napkins or a handkerchief, all that good scrumptious delicious fried food can get the both of you into some great conversations and laughter as the date progresses. It wouldn’t hurt to research some trivia or some historical facts about some street delicacies just to get the conversation going. The best part of pursuing a street food stroll date is that after all the grease, it can be extra delicious to wash it all down with some street food dessert-like vendor-driven ice cream, popsicles, milk teas, or in some places hot freshly made waffles to a classic Filipino favorite Taho yummy.

- If all of the above suggestions do not tickle your fancy or may not be a viable option for the moment, you can always do the classic amongst all the classic dating options… Invite your special someone for coffee, granted coffee prices can get pretty extreme based on where you’re planning to spend your date, from crazy prices that can cost as much or even more than a decent meal, but the upside is there are decent places that can cost a fraction of your average Starbucks cup of Joe. Some bookshops around the Metro have a subsidiary coffee shop usually located inside, and best of all you can borrow a new book to scan before you buy it (if you’re planning to) and have a good conversation starter while sipping your averagely priced cup of coffee. If you want an even cheaper alternative, try donut shops like Dunkin Donuts, Mister Donut, and the likes, still relatively cheaper than Starbucks yet with a good-tasting brew that could rival or even beat the status quo (Starbucks.)

There you go, some ideas that may or may not work for you, wouldn’t hurt to give I a try, especially in a time of financial difficulties, and until things in the world get better, we might have to be extra creative in thinking of ways to have a good date and find that special someone you can spend with where we can have some love in the time of Covid.