Your Twin Flame and you

bylove 可爱的信仰

Aug 22, 2021 Published

Have you met your twin flame? Let me ask again, have you met a person that for some unexplained reason you feel such a connection to? Have you met anyone that you would regard as somewhat of a metaphorical mirror image of yourself? And have you met someone that has such an emotional, mental, and even physiological impact that made you suddenly felt whole? Meeting somebody that you’ve felt you have known for so long, like a long-lost friend, and it just feels like it connects as well as a Lego brick would combine with another. If most of what is written above are things that you can say have happened or are happening to you right now as you read this article, well my dear reader you have probably met your twin flame. 

Not to confuse twin flames with soul mates, although there are similarities that one could very well mix up the two, yet there is a categorical conclusive difference. In a nutshell, a soul mate is like two individual souls that are extraordinarily linked, but twin flames are two pieces of one whole, like if you split an apple in the middle; both halves are still part of that one fruit, as soul mates tend to have strongly connected and deep understanding of each other, twin flames are of the same spirit that has inexplicably split in two and have found each other. Another factoid to point out is that one could have 2 or more soul mates while a twin flame is a singular individual, the other half of your very core.  

Such as the great ancient philosopher Plato has written, in which; a long long time ago people had two heads, 4 arms, and legs, and for some unworldly reason they separate and leaving one incomplete over the other. This romantic and intriguing fable has been more or less the basis of what a twin flame is. In this article, we will be trying to point out some signs that you might have found your twin flame or the fact that you could be around the vicinity of your twin flame. If you are interested to meet the mirroring self of your very soul and spirit, please do read on.   

You meet someone that you share a lot; if not all things in commonality. Again not to confuse things with a soul mate, in which you and your twin flame are very similar in values, and even past experiences, albeit not the same in a story, but more on in essence, wherein you could have dealt with a harsh childhood, which in turn would be the same with your other half. Your twin flame will greatly relate with you; no question, they will be inclined to empathize instantly since you both share the same spirit; split in two.  

  • The feeling of intensity. Not only that you would feel an inexplicable sense of familiarity, like you have known each other for quite a long time, you also would feel an intense sense of magnetic attraction, be it romantic or a deep friendship or even kinship. (usually romantic)In the romantic sense, your twin flame as familiarity takes over that leads to instantaneous comfortability, it could smoothly head to romance, and since there is an undoubtedly deep connection at a spiritual core level, intense passion eventually culminates. 

  • You were never apart from each other. Have you met or know someone close to you that you care for deeply, for which for some mysteriously incomprehensible reason you feel that you never really are apart from each other? This could be a clear sign that the universe is telling you to keep an eye out on this particular person. Twin flames are linked at such a deep level that in most cases even a long-distance relationship is something they can work with. There are times when two people don’t see each other for a long time, which could span in months, years, or even a decade or two, and yet for some universally divine reason, things just bring them back together. 

  • Relationship ups and downs. Having a relationship with your twin flame does not entail it to be as smooth and silky as cream pouring over coffee, as the blend might very well be perfect, yet there are trials and tribulations amidst every relationship, and being with your twin flame does not exemplify this fact. Some people even attest to twin flames usually not being the best of couples, since it usually feels like both are looking at a mirror image of themselves, confronting attributes in their very soul on parts they might find unpleasant, and which prove to be a constant challenge just to get a foothold. Despite all the strong similarities both share, conflict are always something that looms over most; if not all relationships, but since a twin flame connection is sturdier than the average, this challenge would only make them stronger and would facilitate growth for both parts of the flame, thus cultivating a near-impenetrable foundation of love and core deep understanding. 

If you have met this person, or known one, but circumstances were against you, fret not, if that person is your real twin flame, chances are you will be together soon, if not in this time and space; maybe you will finally meet in the next.