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Aug 07, 2021 Published

Have a Balanced love/life.

It feels great to finally arrive at this particular destination, a place where you can finally plant your feet on the table and feel good that you are in a loving relationship. Yet here is also where you have to come face to face with working on it. It is said that the easy part in life is reaching a goal, once there the hard part is maintaining your position. This; more or less applies to any relationship, especially to a romantic one, in which you are in constant working mode, in some cases more rigorous compared to the actual courtship. Everything and anything in life needs maintenance, attention and ample work, and love is definitely not an exemption. So here dear reader are some ideas to start planning to balance your love life, these are basic steps to give more meaning in life and love, since everything of vast importance would demand some; if not even your full attention and effort in order to achieve a good and stable balance. 

  • Balance work and play. Working hard is a good virtue to have, it usually can spout success in your career, office job, or whatever you may be working on. Yet there are times when there are stress points in your life that importantly needs relief, and that relief of pressure can grant you a clear head over your shoulders, and could very well be trickled over your existing love life. It is somewhat a critical balancing act, in regards of work and play. Some older people may consider it as non-appropriate, building excuses, a bad habit, or even down right laziness. But modern studies have shown that this may not be the case nowadays. We have learned that ample leisure or “play time” have a significant positive reaction in our psyche, health, and overall wellness. This can prove equally beneficial to our love life. Since we have a good and stable balance with our careers and our own personal leisure experiences; on whatever that may be; such as video games, hobby collections, a certain sport, your car etc. This ultimately will affect our dating life in a very positive way most definitely. Happiness is to Godliness.     

  • Schedule your day, week, month, and maybe even your year. It feels good when things you need are usually there, ready and reliable. Such as the case with most things that are arranged and organized to the point of accuracy. Isn’t that something most of us strive to achieve? Organization can be a strong agent in a balanced and fulfilling life, which in effect would greatly benefit your well-being and life/love. On this stand point, we can surmise that a good and organized, well planned time management can have a huge outcome on your existing or future upcoming love life. It would not hurt to plan ahead. Have your week well thought of, even if things are not sure it would happened, it would still be better to be prepared, if not; the upside is that you would have more time for your special someone, and if you do not have a lover, you can always have time to pamper yourself. Organizing could get rigorous and tricky, it’s best to have a physical list of how things will go in your day, and how can it coincide with your week, and to the next, up to the whole month. Having a more or less stringent schedule on yourself, would give you a chance to really hash out your thoughts and wants in life, love and romance will surely have a more exciting forthcoming; when you are expecting it schedule wise. The only way you get to enjoy anything and everything more, is the fact that it is not always there and available. The limited time of that thing you desire; be it love or lust, will get you more thrilled and exhilarated; knowing that time is slowly drawing closer and closer. Remember what the great ancient philosopher Aristotle said- Moderation is the key to everything. 

Health is wealth that leads to a thriving sex life. This is as plain a fact as the Earth is as round as every other planet in our solar system. Nothing can be closer to the truth in stating that- a healthy you is a healthy life. Factors to consider are obvious, a well balance and healthy diet would definitely improve most everything that pertains to wellness, a clear mind, stronger physic, and a more active sex drive. As adults, we all know the importance of a healthy love life that correlates to a healthy sex drive. Being fit and strong can have a huge impact on anyone’s well-being and mindset, and in which case being fit makes a person a lot more attractive and desired, thus ultimately giving you ample amounts of sex drive, which in turn makes your partner a happy camper, both parties win at this point. So why even think about it? Start getting healthy, stop over eating un-healthy food; and start packing your refrigerator with fresh vegetables, chicken, fresh juice etc. And also since you are in the organizing mood upon reading this article, make a strict workout schedule right now! Do it! All it takes is the right mindset and your journey to happiness and a balanced love/life will begin today. Good luck and enjoy.