Say the right thing always

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Aug 06, 2021 Published

Say the right thing always

The world that we know and subsequently live in is in one phrase; a world of words, wherein words have been the bastion of what is related and endowed, be it good or bad. Words can have that much meaning; and that much power. One has to realize that caution in releasing comments, phrases, and even compliments can prove to have a positive effect, and in comparison could very well have a lasting and hurtful negative effect. We must be careful. 

On a personal note, I want to share a firsthand experience I had with a six year old little girl, and how a simple comment have committed some damage to an adult relationship. Well… it wasn’t that simple off a comment, as lying has been used as a weapon in word form, ever since humans have evolved and learned how to communicate and formalize speech, we have used our tongues for shaping the world as we know it, and this is also something that most people have fallen victim to. None of us are spared by this bad habit. As soon as we gain some rationality and consciousness in our position in life, we tend to use every advantage we can get, and one sure way is to utilize words as the tool for this endeavor. 

Now; going back to my personal story. My brother has adopted a little girl, let’s call her by another name, just in case for any legal complications that might arise, let’s call her Lea. Now Lea has been a part of our small family for over three years since the writing of this article, and for that time, I haven’t really been; or did not get a chance to; really bond with the six year old, due to heavy workloads and serious hobbies that I was busy with, not to mention I have a girlfriend, and our relationship is a fairly new one, over 7 months old as to writing this article. So one day, in a rare occasion, my girlfriend and I was able to find some time to baby sit Lea for an afternoon. I have found out that the kid is somewhat of a hand full in terms of her temperament and demeanor, something that surprised me in a six year old, as she had a temper that usually leads to tantrums, and a very talkative demeanor. This little girl can talk… a lot. So as we watch our favorite TV shows and share junk food, I had to leave a bit to do some light chores around the house, while my girlfriend and Lea were left alone together chatting to what seems of having a good time. So I carried on my daily chores. After a few minutes I have gotten back to a disappointed, frustrated in tears girlfriend, to whom has a six year old whispering in her ear of God knows what at that point. Lea quickly stopped talking after she said a weird phrase “please don’t break up,” to that I felt awfully weirded-out, while my girlfriend was now sobbing her heart out. I asked Lea what she told my girlfriend and she said with no hesitation, a stern “I did not say anything.” A blatant lie obviously. I found out eventually from my distraught girlfriend that Lea told her that she wasn’t my girlfriend and I was seeing someone else, and I do not love her and I love this other girl. To make the story short, Lea did a blatant lie that proved to be as damaging as any adult can give, despite the fact that she was only six. The point being is that what we say has grave effect, as profound as any strength of any human attribute; even more so.          

What we say matters, it is a special tool in our arsenal and can be treated as a weapon to an extreme. What we do and say correlates so much to our personality and demeanor that it has to fall to each and everyone’s responsibility to think before we speak, and think hard for that matter. 

We are fully responsible for what words we unleash in the world, and most often than not, once released there is no way of taking it back. (Unless you believe in time travel) There are ways to practice your speech pattern and formulating sentences the right way. Listen to a lot of great speakers like Allan Watts, Steve Godin, Steve Jobs, Paula White, Barbara Corcoran and a lot more. Lucky for us, all of them are more or less available in the internet and most social media sites. Find the right speaker for you, and study how they talk, how they phrase their words. Sometimes listening first would be beneficial before actually saying anything, it takes a good listener to be an effective speaker. Gather all the information you can get before even thinking of counter comments or even a compliment, as practice begets habits, to normalcy, and ultimately precision. We can become better with our words, we can say the right thing most of the time, if not all the time. So I leave these words to you dear reader… Speak easy.