Chemistry of Love

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Aug 11, 2021 Published

Love is like Vapor.

Other titles- Chemistry and love.

  • Building a love foundation.

  • Love fades fast.

  • Love evaporates, just like that. 

Volatility.  Liability to change rapidly and unpredictably, especially for the worse. A tendency of a substance to evaporate at normal temperatures.

"The volatility of chemicals in an indoor environment"

Such are the actual various meanings of a word that could describe some relationships. It is also appropriately suitable to realize that volatility and toxicity are both terms used in chemistry, such as 2 people that connect that we have used the connotation of “having chemistry.” Sadly, not all compounds are as solid as granite or metal, such as some relationships which are as volatile as a chemical gas… it just evaporates. What’s great with chemistry is that science has figured out the usual reasons for its change in composition. This is not the case however in the context of love and relationships, as feelings can be as fleeting as vapor caught in a gust of wind… it disappears. Love can sometimes be as delicate, or in this case as volatile as water vapor carried by the wind. 

There is a great scene in the Hollywood film Closer, starring a younger Natalie Portman and Jude Law, in which they are in a relationship, albeit a bit one sided on the favor of Jude Law’s character, in which Natalie Portman’s character is madly in love with Jude Law’s character, and after a couple’s argument, Jude Law steps out of the apartment where the scene in taking place. As soon as he comes back, which would be like a few hours in movie time, with flowers and an apology to Natalie Portman’s character, she says a gut felt heart ripping line “I don’t love you anymore,” in which Jude Law replies with; “Since when?” Natalie answers back with “Since now.” 

This is a fine example of the volatility of love. It just happens just like that, in a blink of an eye and it’s over. 

When building a relationship, we often try to make a foundation that can stand up to any trials and tribulations that could come its way. Though problems are an inevitability, we still try to cope with all of the proverbial structural failings and instability. But how much can we really cope? How can we have that security? How can one build that much needed strong foundation with that special someone, when a connection from early on the relationship has sprung and revealed itself, like a bad piece of wood placed in the ceiling of your house. You find out that there is a good chance of structural collapse in the near future. Can we; or should we even continue? Should we soldier on a love battle that could very well end up in the losing end? 

The answer is quite obvious… we can’t, as much as we can control the weather is as much as we can control what other people feel. We just cannot, as we are merely pawns in a chessboard, and be swayed, toppled over, and overturned by love’s unforgiving wrath.  

We just have to accept things as it is. We can be the breaker or the breakee, it all can happened sometimes in a wink of an eye or in a flash of light. Love is volatile, and we are its collective compounds that make it whole, yet can break down at any given moment.

The signs are there. We often miss out in recognizing what constitutes to a weak relationship foundation. Sometimes it could be the roller coaster ride of arguing that leads to a fight and ultimately breaking up, and as fast as it happens, it’s as equally fast for a make up, broken up not broken up, the ups and downs of this thrill ride of a correlation has definitely its downfalls. Yet it is hard to really pin point the actual “red flags” of a relationship, spotting the difference of a healthy and an unhealthy one, and eventually navigating early on romantic relationships is indeed a tricky job. But we have to be vigilant and keep one eye open for these signs, and maybe avoid getting hurt for both parties.  

Now the bright side to this bleakness is just really up to you. Pain is pain, and if you look in this awesome site there are articles that could give you some IDEA’s into turning this conundrum to your side of the fence. Articles such as, Have a balanced love/life or Get a hobby and be happy, these articles could give you some much needed insight into relieving your hurt, and ultimately dealing with your pain the right way. 

This article is just an IDEA on the volatility of some relationships, hopefully you find the right person for you, who would help you in building that strong and stable foundation for a long lasting and happy love life. Good luck.