Crushing on your co-worker

bylove 可爱的信仰

Aug 20, 2021 Published

We need to work, mostly all of us that is part of modern society needs that daily grind to get by, and financial stability is the goal for individuals to do the necessary labor in the metaphorical salt mines. The need to have a place and purpose is the utmost importance to most of us, yet does work have to be drudgingly depressing? little to no excitement? or just downright boring?

Working in the modern world entails that we, more or less, need to be interacting with different individuals, working with a group of people, or doing a job under a supervisor's watch, and some do it completely alone, like independent writers, data analysts, recluse painters, and artists, etc. But in this case let us focus on what helps you get excited about work and going to the office every day, and what makes you dress up better and boosts your confidence at the same time.

Having a crush is healthy. Seeing that person in the cafeteria, or going up the elevator, or just passing you by down the hallway is exciting enough. You have a crush. And that’s one good thing to check if asked for a pro and cons list on to why you like your job.

What makes things tolerable when work becomes too toxic? Your crush could act as a morale booster for when your boss gives you a hard time, or a client unreasonably argues with you, to just plainly having troubles working the copy machine. Seeing your crush could give you the energy boost it needs to help you outlast and overcome trials and turbulence you might be encountering with work. When you see your crush in the workplace, one can’t help but try for the most part to look better, and thus, this self-imposed image of strength could trickle over to reality.

You feel at home and have less to no stress. Although you get tired after a long day at work, which is normal on all accounts. The point being is that you are pretty much in a balanced situation, and even though you get worn out and exhausted, it doesn’t get you feeling spent and depressed, and at the end of the day, you feel better, especially if you are in a talking situation with your crush.

Your crush asks you for help. This is something that would spit out butterflies in your tummy. If your crush has a habit of getting into some minor trouble around the office, be it the copy machine malfunctioning, the printer jams paper, or even just the coffee maker going into a fritz. Your crush’s need would become sort of a personal mission that you need to achieve, thus making you more focused and clear-headed when extending a helping hand. Just don’t forget to do the same for your own needs.

You dress better. You know what they say, looking good is feeling good? That is on point when you go to work every day. You try to harder to look your best. And this can trickle down on how other coworkers in the office sees you. Your boss would probably notice you more than before, and that boost of confidence would certainly go a long way. That classic line “dress to impress” is surely bearing some truth.

You’re usually on time. Before ever meeting your crush, you were not the best role model around, you have the unfavorable reputation of coming to work late, and you usually don’t meet your deadlines, and you even purposely miss your office Christmas party. Things are much different upon crushing on an office mate, as you have the excitement and lifted spirit to get to the office as early as can be, you never miss work occasions, thus giving you enthusiasm and eagerness to do all these things in order to stand out, just for the chance to be noticed by your crush.

Having a crush is something to look forward to in the daily drudgery of work. But do not forget that it’s only a crush, and acting upon it could have an outcome that might not match your expectation. So tread carefully, do not be a creep, be friendly and never overstep your boundaries, and surely your crush will return the favor in a friendly manner. Who knows, all that masquerading might turn into something more than just a plain crush.

Photo by Leon on Unsplash