Should I stay? or should I go?

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Aug 19, 2021 Published

• The reasons for staying

• Stay in the relationship

• Why not stay?

There are multiple reasons a person in a committed relationship can and will tackle, be it toxic or just plainly difficult in nature, things usually don’t end up the way we plan or want it to be, one is usually faced with the question of staying in the relationship, or altogether, just pack-up and head out the door.

If you are in this scenario, consider yourself lucky, some people do not have the luxury of a choice, some could arguably point out that they do not; and to have even considered being trapped in a grueling relationship and left to fend and live it out for the rest of their sad lives, if this is you, all I can say is- I wish you all the luck in the world, I’m sure there is an exit clause somewhere in that proverbial contract from hell you signed into. But for this article, let us focus on the problem at hand, which is should I stay or should I go?

Imagine that you now have that metaphorical ball in your court, you hold the cards on the table this time, and try to picture a scene where your partner is as understanding as can be, and has given you the choice to make that decision into continuing your romantic relationship with your better half. We can all be so lucky really if this is the case. Having that “trigger” on your finger, and just waiting for you to pull it, or place it down and continue your interrelations have given you now a dilemma, pros, and cons weighing problem of staying or leaving. In that regard, let’s see those options… read on.

• Things are now boring. If you have been getting spurs of boredom and complacency, then maybe it is time to consider pulling that proverbial trigger finger you have been saving for a rainy day. This, in particular, could be that day, since complacency is usually a silent killer of a lot of romantic relationships. Having lost that challenge of a symbolic fanciful takeover, of a once wild and exciting mission of love and romance, have now gotten limp and lazy in most aspects of your relationship, then maybe this is reason enough to pack your bags and leave. Yet there are always two sides to every coin, and in this case, maybe it’s time to check out what’s on the other face of this penny of passion. As boredom can often be remedied by various methods, this mostly involves a bed, some roses and wine, and maybe some creatively devious toys? The point being is that boredom and complacency could have varying ways of turning a tasteless cake into something new and exciting, that you can’t wait to sink your mouth into. Having spice up your sex life is certainly a good way of breathing new life into an old and tired romance. It’s worth a try. Enjoy.

• Work gets in the way. A hectic and rigorous work schedule can harm your romance, mixed in with a partner that was once an understanding and communicative person, it is forced into excessively asking for your valued time and undivided attention, and have now turned into a nagging and spiteful wrench, in this case, you have no other option other than severing all ties and calling it a long and wasteful time of your life. Yet, is it a lost cause? Does this equate to a total waste of your time? Do you just jump ship without looking into it with that metaphorical lens? But if the case may be have love that is lost and gone, then that would probably be a valid recourse to take and get out as fast as rain could fall. But if the feeling remains, and things are sourly taking over you and giving daily headaches, maybe a good way of looking in from a distance good give you some IDEAS into rectifying things and creating a romantic resolution to your problem of time management, in which that a good and balanced work and love schedule would greatly improve this complication, and finally giving you the chance to work things out and save your relationship.

• Trust issues. When trust turns into paranoia, which that could quickly turn into meticulous questioning as if being interrogated by the FBI and having a spotlight directed on you with guilt written all over your face, is certainly an unpleasant experience, and if this malpractice of romantic mayhem becomes commonplace, chances are you have already reserved a one-way ticket out to “freedoms Ville” and into “single towns hood.” In that regard, it’s hard to place blame on the person being trailed for questioning. At this point, anyone would surely advise you to walk out while you still can. Yet again, there are two sides to every story, and maybe it’s time to now try; and try as hard as one can to understand where the interrogator is coming from. Communication is the key to this investigation, and into solving this romantic mystery of couple’s hood. Try setting 2-way talks, get into counselling if need be, maybe there could be reasons found in digging into your dilemma that would opt you to stay in that said relationship.

Remember that these are only insights and ideas that may help you to figure out the best viable option for staying in and hashing it out with your partner. Yet if all else fails a good recourse is to talk to loved ones and real friends, get proper advice from people that care and love you. It is always beneficial for both parties to always keep an eye out for viable options. Jumping ship, or storming out of a relationship that has true feelings involved, most definitely deserves a look into, scrutinize the issues and problems in the romance, and ultimately saving it.

But again, if all alternative possibilities have been exhausted, and every course of action taken. Maybe only then; you can surmise that it’s time to pack your bags and head out that door.

Photo by 胡 卓亨 on Unsplash