Are we compatible?

bylove 可爱的信仰

Aug 22, 2021 Published

-Movies, Music, and Food are signs of compatibility

-Signs of compatibility 

When you are single, you sometimes tend to think of the person you are currently dating. Or in any which case if you are single as of the moment or your choosing, it might prove beneficial to ponder on the issue of compatibility. What is it? Does compatibility denote a deep connection with another person? Does it have to delve into a deep understanding of an individual you fancy? Or is it just random things of interest that are more likely aligned with one another? There are various versions of how we perceive compatibility, as the actual meaning is- a state in which two things can exist or occur together without problems or conflict. In this regard, everything that was suggested above would fall under the umbrella of the definition of compatibly, yet some of us may have a personal depiction of this word that seems to hold a strong meaning, a “make or break” so to speak of a rule before getting into a relationship; or much more building one. Yet how we interact within the confines of the so-called rules of compatibility have a somewhat direct approach, and how we act upon it is a different thing altogether, be that as it may, it is certainly a building block and an undoubtedly integral part for constructing a strong foundation of any relationship.

In this article let us delve into some IDEAS and insight into some evidence that could help you spot compatibility traits you might not or might already have in your relationship, recognize signs to look out for if you are in the dating saddle, and would like to seek a deeper connection with the person you fancy.

  • Music is melody. Such as the case when it comes to compatibility. A question of taste would always have an influence over your correlation with a significant other, yet it seems a tad bit shallow to have music as a deciding factor into judging if and not you are compatible, might seem a bit far-fetched, yet liking the same kind of music denotes taste and culture, which in the long run could prove a vital ingredient for a long and lasting relationship. Imagine if your partner’s favorite band or artist is someone you can’t stand, some boy-band, or some tacky adolescent child cashing in on his youth, and playing cheezy remakes that just make you cringe while your ears bleed. This aspect is something to look into or watch out for, it would be a plus that both parties share more or less the same likely taste in music. You can consider all those great concerts both of you can enjoy together, or dance to the same songs, or even just listening while driving. Music has certainly an impact and influence when it comes to compatibility. 

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Movies are a mover. Personal note: I once had a cute date a long while back in my younger years. She mostly checked all the boxes I metaphorically conjured in my head, whilst blissfully walking along the mall with my date, let’s call him Adam just for naming purposes. It was, for the most part, going quite smoothly, as we ate in my favorite Greek restaurant which the food is not your average burgers and fries if you know what I mean, I have somewhat of an exotic taste in my food choices, (In regards of taste in food, this is another topic altogether) that Adam found a bit strange, and calling me out as weird, not in a good way mind you. That was a slight signal of incompatibility that I just shrugged away, which I should have recognized at that point. So in the imaginary scoreboard in my head, Adam had checked the “not compatible in food part.” After our meal, we went straight to the movie theatre to scope out what was showing that day. This is where things got a bit messy, as we argued on what to watch. Don’t get me wrong, I was willing to comply with what Adam wanted us to see, but it was this film that was a total rip off, (I won’t mention the movie for safety reasons) and the cheesiest, cringe-worthy movie that I have ever seen… oh did I mention I was able to watch it before our date, since I was involved in our local cinema industry, (Manila independent cinema) I get to attend press screenings now and then, and this film in particular just went against all my intellectual faculties, that I begged her to just pick another film. Alas, I gave in, and after two grueling hours of pretentious storytelling, I surmised that Adam and I were just too different in taste that I considered it a red flag. This story just dictated how our difference in taste in films just jeopardized any possible connection Adam and I might have had, it might not just be because of the film per se, it was just the sheer fact that both of us have the unwavering taste that none would yield to. So in this regard, it might be better to look out for a person with more or less of the same make, the same choices in movies, music, and the likes. Good luck.

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