bylove 可爱的信仰

Aug 10, 2021 Published


"I think ghosting is a horrible dating habit reserved for casual flings"

“I never thought that this could happened to me, getting ghosted”

These are some of the victims and what they usually say after being ghosted. In this article we will be dealing with Ideas on what to do when you are ghosted, and if it is a good or bad thing. Read on. 

Ghosting-  First meaning, the appearance of a ghost or secondary image on a television or other display screen, or second meaning, the practice of ending a personal relationship with someone by suddenly and without explanation withdrawing from all communication.

The later in the descriptions above shows a somewhat new way of ending, finishing off, or just plain and simple cutting ties from someone that refers to the romantic side of things… well, not so romantic for some. Since this new and modern practice has become more and more prevalent in the younger generation, and it has become almost an almost accepted part of this new society’s dating culture. 

“Ghosting is painful and confusing, and it is not an adult behaviour to be hurt and sorry about.” 

This statement could very well be the receiving side of the “ghoster,” and a way to make the “ghostee” feel better. Why and how did this new, albeit cowardice way of cutting ties become cemented in our normal world? Is this the generation of anti-conflicting individuals that just wants it over without even a call to say goodbye, heck even one simple txt for that matter. Have we become a society of cowards? The older generation might attest hastily to this allegation, as they have pretty much branded the younger populace as the “snowflake generation.”  

As this new way of cutting off ties has been a staple occurrence in the dating culture, and God forbid; become widely accepted as normal to even becoming a positive activity. (Well let’s hope not) what can one do to alleviate the ghostly feeling of rejection? What can a victim of this cowardice way out of a fling to even severing ties to a friendship emotionally contain it?  How can one deal with ghosting? Here are some first IDEAS into getting a steady mind-set and attitude towards ghosting. 

·        Acceptance is key. Remember the saying, “control what you can, and accept what you cannot control.” There is nothing more truly than this. As we accept things as they are, in this case being ghosted, the only real thing you can control is yourself, your attitude towards it. Let yourself get hurt in order for the healing to start effectively. And it helps to think that the person that ghosted you does not deserve your tears, in fact, be happy that you have severed ties from an immature individual such as him/her. 

·        Talk about it. Friends are there for a good reason, and no better reason to call out your support group is when you are ghosted and left for hurt. Keep in touch with friends and maybe even family. It helps to talk out your feelings and not keep it bottled up in your chest. Remember that your mental and emotional state affects your physical state as well. 

·        Sleep, eat, and exercise as much as you can. Sometimes it’s hard to do all the things mentioned above, but you have to try. The only sure way you will feel worse is to feel hungry, tired, and physically drained. So might as well help yourself in that regard, and feel better physically at the very least. It will eventually lead to wholeness and balance soon enough. And that is inevitably true as the sky is blue.   

·        Lastly, be alert. Now after all that has happened to you, and have met a few ghosters along the way. You might have a clear radar on how or what these people are. You can have a good instinct to smell a potential ghoster if ever you encounter one again. Ask a lot of questions, be inquisitive, almost like a detective, but try to leave the creepy and the crazy out the door if you like this person you are dating now. Yet, remain calm and collected, while you try to figure out if this person you’re out on a date with is a potential ghoster. It will be hard, and if; in the worst case scenario you get ghosted again, remember that they are not worth your time and emotions to spend on, and be thankful that the situation has weeded out the bad seeds of life for you. Good luck and always remember that you are the only one that can control what you think, feel, and what affects you. Just don’t ever do the same and ghost someone else just for the sake of revenge. Let us stop spreading this cowards way of cutting ties, and bring back the old way of actually talking to that particular individual you want to unfriend.         


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