How to look good on a date...

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Jul 30, 2021 Published

 How to look good on a date. (For men)

So you have been single for a while now, everything is nice and smooth in your life, no hassles, no nagging partner, no jealous fits of anger whenever you go hang with your friends, more so when you get invited to a party. Anything and everything seems to be going well, eat anything you want all day, sleep anytime you want, watch your favorite shows with no complaints. All is well in the world and your happy single life… but, are you really happy? Here comes that day, when you think everything is balanced and whatnot, it hits you… loneliness. Whenever you walk around your favorite mall and notice couples doing romantic gestures to one another, like the quick smack here and there, holding hands like they were glued together, feeding each other snacks and so on. You now realize that you are lonely, and all you want is to get some companionship, someone you can more or less hang out with on a regular basis. Now all you can think of is going back on the proverbial dating saddle, but you realize one problem, you haven’t gone on a date in quite some time, so here is where your struggles begin, wherein dating can come in a lot of levels and factions that comes with it as well. For this piece of humble help you are reading at this very moment, let us just concentrate on how to look the part, how to get things moving visual wise, since the judgments will come from their first impression of you on how you look overall. Let’s move forward and imagine that you have been able to snag that elusive person you have been eying for quite some time, and have been able to make him/her to say yes on a date, but before anything else, it would be advisable to give yourself two to three days leeway time for preparing and setting yourself up for a home run on this imaginary date. Let us begin.

-   Get new clothes. This is probably the most basic advice that anyone can give you, especially if you have been neglecting yourself for quite some time, it would prove beneficial to dig deep in your wardrobe and do a “keep or giveaway to charity” list of some of the clothes you feel that overspent their stay in your untouched garments area. One thing that gets you feeling better and can give you some much needed confidence boost are definitely some new and spunky threads. Remember, good clothes need not be expensive, it’s really on how you carry yourself that gives justice to the wardrobe, maybe you already have a good selection of clothes that just needs some updating, some new buttons or a patch or two can surely bring to life a tired old set. But yeah, look snappy, dashing and sharp with some new clothes.

-   Get a haircut. Another thing you can give yourself that can spur some much needed morale into your rusty dating repertoire is the very basic and much needed new haircut. This is definitely a must to do if you have been avoiding this for some time, especially how the pandemic have brought the hair styling business pretty much out of commission, you won’t just make yourself look and feel better, you would be also helping out a dying industry, so why not just hit 2 birds with one stone and get that dashing look by visiting your local hairdresser before even making plans on that date.   

-   Smell good. This is probably one thing that goes without saying. Nobody likes a stinky date, figuratively and literally. Smelling good gives you a sense of regality, makes one feel composed and collected, and not to mention confident, which makes everyone around you gravitate closer, and that is what you most probably want on a first date, the closeness that comes with it. (If you are actually attracted to your date that is) Be that as it may, smelling good would give you that needed push for a great first impression, and you know what they say; first impression last. Smelling good doesn’t have to be pricey, there are a lot of cheaper perfume or cologne alternatives that will still give you that exquisite aroma desired by many. Check out brands like Zara, The body shop, Kiehls.

Get good shoes. Yup, you read it right. Shoes have a lasting impression especially on a first date, it could be a gauge into how someone judges your stature and taste. Wouldn’t hurt to finally update those old worn out sneakers for a new pair. As it is practical to be comfortable, having some easy wearing shoes doesn’t need to be bad looking. Style check yourself by looking for a pair that matches your personality. And if you are having doubts with your overall sense of style, your best bet would be to stick to the classics, understated design yet stylish. A good black round toe leather Doc Martens style